SOCODE is active in the production and commercialising of products for feed applications.

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SOCODE est située en Belgique, entre Tournai et Courtrai
Cosucra Groupe Warcoing SA

Historical background

SOCODE was founded as a cooperative company in 1970 by its mother company Warcoing S.A., producer of natural ingredients extracted from the sugar beet (1872), afterwards from chicory roots (since 1982) and from yellow peas (since 1990). SOCODE is now a division of Cosucra Groupe Warcoing S.A. (

Geographical situation

SOCODE is situated in the west of Belgium, near to Tournai (in the province “Hainaut Occidental”).



SOCODE is active in the production and commercialising of products for feed applications and proposes a.o. high-fibre feed.

The main activity consists in dehydration and processing the chicory pulp. A specific drier, using the calories provided from the hot water of the chicory manufactory, dries the pulp at low temperature (± 70° C); a grinder and a mixer for the adding of dry and liquid stuffs makes it possible to offer a high quality product with a range of very original applications in the feed sector.

Our production activity is also focused on the processing of specific raw materials to transformed products for use in feed-mix companies.

Our selection criteria are based on providing solutions on nutritional challenges for animal applications. The processing of flaxseed with high oil content and of oleic sunflower seed are some examples; flattened flaxseed and oleic sunflower seed treated against oxidation offer a lot of applications in the feed sector. SOCODE’s concern is not only limited to the health and growth of the animal, but also to provide a product that can improve the healthiness for humans (see omega-3 fatty acids in flaxseed, omega-9 in oleic sunflower seed, and our prebiotic inulin (fructo-oligosaccharides) and dried chicory roots as an alternative to antibiotics).


The range of products of SOCODE is mainly based on the products of its mother-company Cosucra Groupe Warcoing S.A.:


  • products from the chicory roots (site Warcoing Industrie):

    • dried and ground chicory pulp: used as a vegetable carrier for liquid products or as dietetic fibres for pigs, dogs and cats, rabbits, horses and calves;
    • inulin: as a prebiotic. Inulin is a preferential substrate for the bifidogenic bacteria;
    • chicory pulp shreds.



  • products from the yellow peas (site Provital Industrie):

    • Provital-Industrie
      Provital Industrie
    • pea protein isolates: 88 % of proteins on DM and guaranteed GMO-free.
    • pea internal fibres: fibres with high water retention and with a high level of pectin.
    • pea external fibres: especially used in pet food and in piglets applications to provide insoluble fibres.
    • native starch: in milk powder or piglet feed, by pass starch.


1st column: inulin products
2nd column: fibres
3rd column: linseed & oleic sunflower seed
4th column: other products
Produits Socode NEW EN 140808

SOCODE opens its activity field to feed applications through diversification of the market and the development of new concepts.


We are presently exporting more than 75% of our turn-over to more than 25 countries spread over several continents.


The quality approach is guaranteed by following certifications:  

  • GMP+ FSA since October 2016 (previously GMP+ since 2002);
  • inulin products are manufactured in an FSSC22000 certified company;
  • pea products are manufactured in an FSSC22000 certified company.

The environment approach is guaranteed by the following certification:  

  • ISO 14001:2004: obtained by SOCODE & Warcoing Industrie (inulin products) in 2014.

For the products intended for human applications, please consult