SOCODE is active in the production and commercialising of products for feed applications.

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Pea protein isolate: Ispro-90 (limited availability)


Ispro-90 is a pea protein isolate extracted from yellow peas by a natural process. It’s a natural feed ingredient.

Ispro-90 is a high digestible protein source for dietetic feed applications, with a well balanced amino acid profile: rich in lysine and arginine.

This product is low in anti-nutritional factors, GMO free and gluten free.




In dietetic feed applications as:

  • piglet feed;
  • aquaculture and pet food;
  • lacto-replacer;
  • beekeeping: in the absence of pollen..

Ispro-90 is a perfect protein isolate to readjust the amino acid profile of cereal protein sources. The AA arginine is appreciated for enhancing immune responses and improving wound healing. Lysine helps with the building of muscle protein, growth, bone development and calcium absorption is improved.

Composition on dry matter

Proteins (N x 6,25): 88 +/- 2%
Carbohydrates: max. 3%
Ashes: max. 7%
Dry matter (D.M.): 95 +/- 2%

Nutritional characteristics

Amino acids average content (g/100g proteins)

Glycine 4.1 Alanine 4.3 Valine 5.0
Leucine 8.4 Isoleucine 4.5 Serine 5.3
Threonine 3.9 Tyrosine 3.8 Aspartic acid 11.5
Phenylalanine 5.5 Tryptophane 1.0 Proline 4.5
Methionine 1.1 Cystine 1.0 Lysine 7.2
Histidine 2.5 Arginine 8.7 Glutamic acid 16.8

Other characteristics

Granulation: <200µm   Taste: neutre
Density (after packing): 0,40 kg/l   Heavy metals (Pb, Cd, Hg, As): max 0,5 ppm
      Fe: 100 mg/kg
pH (10% in water): ~ 7,0   Ochratoxines: <3 ppm
Coloration: crème   Aflatoxines: <1 ppm


Multi-layer paper bags 15kg net on pallet; euro pallet 630kg net (120x85x175cm)