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Native pea starch: native Nastar feed

NastarThe native starch, produced by Cosucra Groupe Warcoing S.A. (site Provital Industrie), is obtained after separation of the fibres and decantation of the starch from the proteins.


  • Native starch is not soluble in water.
  • Native pea starch is composed of ± 20% of starch resistant to enzymatic hydrolysis in normal conditions of the human digestion.
  • Native pea starch shows a good resistance to heat and acid conditions.
  • Compared to other starches, its gelling properties are very high.

Granulometry: <250µm
Density (after packing): 0,70 kg/l
Colour: white
Taste: neutral

Composition on dry matter


99 +/- 1%
of which: ± 35% amylose
± 65% amylopectin
Total protein max. 0,5%
Total fat max. 0,4%
Total ashes max. 0,2%
Dry matter 90 +/- 2%


  • In piglet feed: due to its specific structure, the pea starch degradation is slower and consequently facilitates the development of the intestinal flora.
  • In coated feed: the native pea starch has high gelling properties.


  • Polyethylene filmed multi-layer paper bags of 25kg net, pallets of 750kg net (120x80x140cm)
  • Big bags of 850kg