SOCODE is active in the production and commercialising of products for feed applications.

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Socodé develops products composed of monopropylen glycol or glycerol on a vegetable carrier (dried and ground chicory pulp). These products respond to the ketosis diseases in milk cows, goats & ewes.

Glycopulp 45 (45% MPG + dried and ground chicory pulp + aroma)
Glycodry 40 or 50 (40% or 50% of glycerol + dried and ground chicory pulp)

Glycopulp 45
Glycopulp 50

Ketosis (acetonaemia)

Metabolic disorder in dairy cattle with a negative energy balance, appearing during early lactation period (2nd to 6th week).
The animal metabolizes body fat to meet its energy needs to produce glucose and lipoproteins that are mainly used for the milk production (see the below graphic). This occurs in the liver.


If weight loss is too important and too fast, the liver cells cannot fully perform this transformation resulting in increased production of triglycerides (steatosis) and ketone bodies (toxic) in liver.


Response to the energy shortage (negative energy balance) due to the milk production.

  • Dairy cows (Holstein): ±500g/day/cow as of the end of gestation and during the 1st 4 weeks of lactation.
  • Goats & ewes, given their ingestion limit.
  • Sows, given the increasing number of piglets per litter (only Glycodry 40 or 50).