SOCODE is active in the production and commercialising of products for feed applications.

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« Lin + » and « Lin + pet food »

Composition and process

LIN+ is composed of flattened crushers flaxseed protected from oxidation. Lin+ is containing a high proportion of essential fatty acids and its high energetic value makes the product very attractive for bovines, ovine, swine, horses and also for pets.

Flax flower
Crushers flaxseed
Socode Lin +

The flattening of the flaxseed cracks the hulls without deeply affecting the cellular structure. This enables a progressive liberation of the oil in the digestive tract. The flattening does not affect the physical and chemical characteristics of the mucilage present in the flaxseed.

Specific advantages

  • Excellent regulation of the gastrointestinal functions of the animals in general, thanks to the 5 to 5,3% of mucilage content and protection of the oils and the polyunsaturated acids from oxidation and hydrogenation.
  • Highly energetic foodstuff (see nutritive values).
  • High content in polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3, these are essential for the animal healthiness and are able to modify the composition of meat and milk in order to influence the consumer healthiness.
  • Antioxidants content:
    • flaxseed is containing natural antioxidants (the flattening of the seeds does not destroy these antioxidants);
    • SOCODE adds important dosages of liquid antioxidant just after the flattening process (1 to 2kg/T offering a stability from 4 to more than 6 months).

Nutritive values

Moisture content 9,5% UFC 1,1
Ashes 5,5% Me dogs 3717 Kcal/kg
Raw fat 37-40% Proteins 21%
Fibres 10% PDIA 54,77 g/kg
VEM ± 1600 PDIN 141,5 g/kg
VEVI ± 1750 PDIE 80,34 g/kg
UFL 1,32 U/kg ADF 100 g/kg
UFV 1,27 U/kg NDF 180 g/kg
Ne (energy pigs) 2900 Kcal/kg TDF 277 g/kg
VEP (energy horses) 1039 Hemicellulose 80 g/kg


Distribution of fatty acids on oil content:
C16:0 5-7% C18-2 oméga-6 12-18%
C18:0 2,5-5% C18:3 oméga-3 50-60%
C18-1 oméga-9 16-24%