SOCODE is active in the production and commercialising of products for feed applications.

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Prebiofeed 95 (inulin powder)

Prebiofeed 95® is a demineralised inulin. This oligofructose is a rather white powder with a slightly sugared taste.



  Prebiofeed 95®
Ash content on D.M. max. 0,5%
Proteins on D.M. absent
Dry Matter min. 95%
Carbohydrates on D.M. min. 99,5%
- free sugars on carbohydrates max. 10%
- content of soluble fibres
min. 90%
Inulin content pro kg product min. 85,5%
(95% D.M. x 80% of inulin)
Appearance Instant powder (<700 µm)


20kg net polyethylene-filmed multi-layer paper bags, on pallets of 800kg (120x120x180cm)
Big bags of 900kg, on pallet 100x120cm

Applications & indicative dosages

  • Pet food: 1 to 10kg, preferably 3 to 8kg/T depending on the application
  • Piglets: 1 to 3kg/T
  • Chicks for growth: 750g to 1,5kg/T
  • Laying hens: 500g to 1kg/T
  • Rabbits: 1 to 5kg/T
  • Turkeys: 1st 8 weeks: 1 to 1,5kg/T
  • Calves: 1kg to 3kg/T
  • Horses: 2 to 5kg/T