SOCODE is active in the production and commercialising of products for feed applications.

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Fibrofos 60 and Fibrofos 60 -1cm


Chicory roots, dried at low temperature and reduced to powder.



Fibrofos 60 is the chicory root dried at low temperature and reduced to a powder product (± 1mm). An anti-caking is added to improve the flow ability of the product.

Fibrofos 60 -1cm is composed of shreds from 3 to 10mm.


  • High inulin content (65% on D.M.): this prebiotic inulin improves the bacterial flora by serving as an ideal substrate for the lactobacilli’s. Fibrofos 60 provides monogastrics with a large quantity of soluble fibres and contributes to the health of the animal.
  • Rich in sesquiterpene lactones (± 0,4%): de-worming effect. Those components are responsible for the bitter taste of the chicory roots. Those lactones are stimulating stomach and intestinal juice secretion (and consequently improving feed conversion) and it is particularly efficient as a de-wormer.
  • Allows reducing considerably scatole compounds in the case of fattening boars.


  • Feed for piglets and pigs: from ± 0,2 to 0,5% in piglets feed; 5% of the formula two weeks before slaughtering fattening boars (skatole compounds reduction).
  • Alternative to antibiotics in case of dysentery problems.
  • Poultry feed: ± 0,2%.
  • In pet food: from 0,1 to 1% in final feed, depending on the application (bacterial flora development, obesity reduction).
  • Allows to control the rumen flora of high producing dairy cows by increasing the proportion of rumen microbial protein.
  • Fibrofos 60 -1cm can be used in mash feed for horses: prebiotic and natural de-worming effects.


In 25kg polyethylene–filmed multi-layer paper bags on pallets of 975kg, or in coated big bags of 1000kg.


It is recommended to store the product in dry conditions.

Indicative nutritional values

Dry matter 90% Lysine 1,5g Ca 17,44g
Crude protein 5% Meth. 0,4g Na 8,9g
Crude fat 0,6% THR. 1,4g Ph 1,95g
Crude fibre 5% TRP. 0,5g Cl 1,78g
Carbohydrates 75% CYS. 0,3g K 20,7g
Inulin 65 % ARG 7g Mg 2,67g
Sugars 17,8% GLU. 6,4g Fe ± 50 ppm
Ashes 5% ASP. 4g    
ADF 55 g/kg        
ADL 4,6 g/kg WHA (water retention) 4:1    
NDF 62 g/kg Salmonella Absent CFU/25g  
TDF 118 g/kg ME porc All. (Energ.Met.Pigs) 1804,42 kcal  
Pectin 56 g/kg EW porc (Energy Pigs) 0,890    
NE va kcal 1870