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Pea internal fibres: Swelite



Internal fibres of yellow peas, GMO-free guaranteed.


The internal fibres are separated from the yellow peas by extraction after grinding and sieving.


The high content in pectin and hemicellulose allows using the product as carrier for specific liquid products.

  • WHC (water retention capacity): 10g of water pro g
  • Oil retention (at 20° C): ± 2,9g of oil pro g

Feed applications

  • As a dietary fibre offering solutions to intestinal troubles of young animals (diarrhoea of calves, piglets, etc); ± 1% of the formula.
  • As a vegetable carrier for liquid products (vitamins, essential oils, lecithin, etc.) for specific applications (introduction in milk powder products, aqua feed, etc.).
  • In wet pet food: to capture the juice in order to obtain a homogeneous mixture..


Whitish beige colour, slightly yellowish, with a practically neutral taste. Particle size: ± 250µm (90% <400µm).

Composition on dry matter

Total dietary fibre (AOAC method): 48 +/- 3%
Starch: min. 36%
Proteins (N x 6.25): max. 7%
Total fat (E.P.extract)   : max. 0,5%
Total ashes: max. 2%
Dry matter (102° C): 90 +/- 2%





Nutritive characteristics

Composition of the fibres pro 100g:

AOAC method (Prosky)   Englyst method
Insoluble fibre 94 % approx.   Insoluble fibre 66 % approx.
Soluble fibre 6 % approx.      Soluble fibre 34 % approx

The dietary fibres of the internal peas are composed of cellulose (± 15%), pectin (± 40%) and hemicellulose (± 45%).


Polyethylene filmed multi-layer paper bags of 15kg net, on euro pallets of 450kg (120x80x170cm)