SOCODE is active in the production and commercialising of products for feed applications.

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Pea hulls: Exafine 500




The external fibre of yellow peas is a natural insoluble fibre. The careful husking of the pea seeds provides hulls practically free of digestible sugars and fats. Moreover, the peas are cleaned before hulling and a heat treatment of pea fiber offers microbiological guarantees.



  • In pet food applications:
    • as a dietary fibre (senior pet food),
    • and especially in feed for cats in order to avoid the formation of hair balls in the intestines.
  • In piglets feed (2% in the formula):
    • positive effect on the intestinal flora regulation.


Beige coloured powder, with nearly neutral taste. Particle size for 90% <500µm.

Composition on dry matter

Dietary fibres 88 +/-3%
Starch 4 +/-1%
Proteins (N x 6.25) 5 +/-2%
Total fat max. 0,5%
Total ashes 2,5 +/- 0,5%
Dry matter (102°C) 90%
Ochratoxins <30 ppb

Nutritional characteristics

The composition of the fibre is as follows:

  • ± 55% of cellulose;
  • ± 25% of hemicellulose, and;
  • ± 20% of pectin.

The Englyst method decomposes the product in ± 87% of insoluble fibres and ± 13% of soluble fibres.
Its water holding capacity is from 3 to 5g water pro g.


Polyethylene filmed multi-layer paper bags of 25kg, on euro pallets of 750kg (120x80x175cm)