SOCODE is active in the production and commercialising of products for feed applications.

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Ground and dehydrated chicory pulp


Chicory roots.
The chicory pulp is obtained after extraction of inulin by diffusion of the chicory root shreds.

Drying process

The chicory pulp of SOCODE is dehydrated at low temperature. That means that the temperature of the air coming into contact with the pulp is max. 70° C. A classic process is drying pulp at temperatures higher than 120°C, causing damage to the quality of the product (esp. burned particles).

Drying at low temperature offers the following advantages:

  • pulp of light grey colour;
  • no burned particles;
  • the digestibility of the proteins is higher.

Presentation and characteristics

SOCODE offers this pulp ground in particles of:

  • 1cm: in feed for calves and horses, or as vegetable carrier for wet fodder (as potato by-products);
  • 1mm or 800µm: in feed for piglets, sows, rabbits, etc. or as vegetable carrier for acids, monopropylen glycol, glycerol, essential oils, liquid vitamins, etc.
Chicory pulp - 1cm
Chicory pulp - 1mm
Chicory pulp - 800µm

The water holding capacity for 1g of chicory pulp: 8g water within 1 hour, and 10,5g water within 24 hours.

Values on label

Moisture: 130 g/kg
Proteins: 88 g/kg
Total cellulose: 185 g/kg
Total ashes: 70 g/kg

Complementary nutritional values of the chicory pulp (indicative information)

Ne pigs ( 2007 Kcal NDF 320 g/kg Ca 10 g/kg
(energy milk prod)
893 ADF (Cel + Lign) 240 g/kg P 2 g/kg
(energy meat prod)
960 TDF 610 g/kg Mg 2 g/kg
ME dogs 536Kcal/kg Hemicel 80 g/kg Na 2,4 g/kg
Total fat 17 g/kg ADL 20 g/kg K 8 g/kg
PBD bovines 56 g/kg Sugars 80g (of which 50g inulin) Lysine 4,1 g/kg
UFL 0,919 Pectin 270 g/kg (esp. highly methylated  pectin) Meth 1,19 g/kg
UFV 0,906 horses 12 MJ or 2874 Kcal        


± 0,4kg pulp of chicory/100kg live weight for bovines and sheep
± 300 g/day for sows, and 3% of the formula of piglets
± 3% in feed for dogs, cats and horses


In bulk, big bags or paper bags